User opinions

Just like to say a big thanks. I’ve been sitting in a Spinalis Hacker every day for over 10 years since being diagnosed with a narrowed sacroiliac joint. I’ve been pretty much pain free for all that time. It’s only now showing slight signs of wear on one armrest. It’s been worth every penny

Mark Stanley, IT consultant, Bristol, UK

A friend of mine recommended Rodeo saddle. I booked a trial and after 2 weeks, I am impressed with comfy and easiness of use. I had tried few brands before. As a dentist sitting for long hours, my back is crucial and having flexibility with Rodeo saddle helped my performance especially during long sessions, like root canal or perio treatments. I really recommend this chair for clinical setting. I bought 2 myself after the first trial”

Dr Ahmed Abouserwel, BDS, MSc, MDentSci Leeds, MFDS RCSP Glasgow Dental Officer, Birmingham Combined Community Dental Services

Having to work all day sitting on a hard plastic chair, preparing for my GCSEs and now for my A levels, my mum decided to buy me one of these chairs to help my constant back pain and sitting posture. Having used it for a while I noticed I can now work consistently without the uncomfortable feeling I usually get with traditional chairs and I’m able to concentrate for longer periods of time.”

Margherita Cimatti, Sixth Form student, Fortismere school, London, UK

I have used a Spinalis Rodeo chair for work since 2015. The chair feels like you are sitting on a gym ball and moves with you relieving pressure on joints and is incredibly comfortable to use. It has made the difference between continuing to work with my existing back problems or not. I would highly recommend this chair.”

Suzanne Ellis, RDH Dental Hygienist, Bicester Dental Care, Bicester, UK

As a dentist I have always suffered from intermittent mid back and neck pain, I’d come to accept it was part of the job. However, when this became daily and began to stop me working I did some research on changing my chair and was recommended to try the Spinalis Rodeo. When it arrived I had my reservations, it takes up more space than my current chair. However, within a couple of days my back pain was lessening and after 2 months it had gone completely. I will never go back to any other chair”

Dr Jenny Garcia, Spire Dental Group, Huntingdon, UK

This is my third Spinalis chair and I wouldn’t use anything else.  Two have been bought by different employers for me and one I have bought myself for use at home.  The chair was recommended to me by my osteopath.  Admittedly, it takes a bit of getting used to have a wobbly seat and using muscles that have become weak can cause them to ache a bit but after a couple of weeks my back muscles were stronger and there was no pain.  I couldn’t imagine going back to using a ‘normal’ office chair”

Ros Bolton, HR manager, COEO, Wokingham, UK

It is much harder to slump in a Spinalis chair! Well worth the investment, if you have to sit at a desk for any amount of time. I used to switch between a gym ball and an ordinary office chair, but so much better to have two in one!”

Priscilla Goldby, Freelance Editor, Oxford, UK

I have been using my Spinalis Apollo Chair several hours daily for some weeks now. Not only is it a very good looking well made chair, it is supremely comfortable to sit on, aligning my weak spine and supporting it in a correct positional. I feel more relaxed and less stressed than I ever did whilst using a traditional office chair. As I work from home, my intrigued visitors have all requested “a go”, much to great acclaim!

It is now my chair of choice both whilst working and relaxing. I can confidently recommend the Spinalis chair to anyone who values their back!”

Susan Roberts, Chipping Campden, UK