Medical (expert) opinions

In these modern times, most people are not physically active enough. In developed countries, more than half of children spend most of their free time on activities that involve sitting. Parents, too, tend to have less and less time for their children and physical activities that could be shared. Data demonstrates that spinal illness frequency is increasing decisively, becoming a global issue and are the most common chronic condition among the population under 45 years of age, the changes / injuries of the spine are one of the leading reasons for hospitalizations among the population under 65 years of age, the yearly prevalence of pain in the lower back area in developed countries is 15% and the costs related to treatment of lower back pain are between 80 and 200 EUR / person / year, where an incredibly rapid decrease in the age of those suffering the pain can be detected (children!). Besides the stated, the ever more inactive lifestyle affects mental states. This can be detected in less concentration, poor motivation, aggression, hidden social stratification, intolerance, in other words, an ever increasing social – emotional spectrum of issues.




Ted A. Lennard, M.D., board certified physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist affiliated with CoxHealth in Springfield, Missouri, recommends SpinaliS chair as a suitable device for prevention and relief of back pain for people with sedentary jobs in his scientific research study: Fluoroscopic Comparison of sitting on a regular straight back chair, exercise ball, and the Spinalis chair by Ted A. Lennard, M.D., American Board of Physical Medicine on Rehabilitation. Springfield Neurological and Spine Institute, USA.

At SNSI, Dr. Lennard specializes in the nonsurgical treatment of spine, musculoskeletal, and peripheral nerve care, offering a wide variety of treatment options including medical acupuncture, spinal injections, ultrasound guided peripheral nerve and joint injections, electrodiagnostic studies, and plasma rich platelet injections.



As a dentist I have always suffered from intermittent mid back and neck pain, I’d come to accept it was part of the job. However, when this became daily and began to stop me working I did some research on changing my chair and was recommended to try the Spinalis Rodeo. When it arrived I had my reservations, it takes up more space than my current chair. However, within a couple of days my back pain was lessening and after 2 months it had gone completely. I will never go back to any other chair”

Dr Jenny Garcia, Spire Dental Group, Huntingdon, UK

I have used a Spinalis Rodeo chair for work since 2015. The chair feels like you are sitting on a gym ball and moves with you relieving pressure on joints and is incredibly comfortable to use. It has made the difference between continuing to work with my existing back problems or not. I would highly recommend this chair.”

Suzanne Ellis, RDH Dental Hygienist, Bicester Dental Care, Bicester, UK

A friend of mine recommended Rodeo saddle. I booked a trial and after 2 weeks, I am impressed with comfy and easiness of use. I had tried few brands before. As a dentist sitting for long hours, my back is crucial and having flexibility with Rodeo saddle helped my performance especially during long sessions, like root canal or perio treatments. I really recommend this chair for clinical setting. I bought 2 myself after the first trial”

Dr Ahmed Abouserwel, BDS, MSc, MDentSci Leeds, MFDS RCSP Glasgow Dental Officer, Birmingham Combined Community Dental Services

“The idea of constructing a chair with a moving base or moving seat seems to me to be one of the very important things in preventing the degeneration of the discs. Because of the constant movement of the seat back muscles have to work constantly, so there is no unilateral burdening of the spine and discs, however, the burden is distributed to the entire spinal area, sometimes more on one side, sometimes more on the other.
To prevent the most frequent problems related to the spine, I would recommend this chair to patients with low back pain and other parts of the spine, especially to people who sit a lot or are in a forced sitting position at work. It seems to me that this is one of the important preventive measures to reduce spinal problems.”

Prof. Janko Popovic, PhD-MD, Orthopedist, Ljubljana, Slovenia

“SpinaliS is an excellent ergonomic solution. The seat with a spring in the sitting (working) position requires constant adjustment of paravertebral muscles as well as maintaining balance, and thus upright posture with continuous paravertebral muscle activity. Sitting in the rear position (resting position), provides the best ergonomic solution.

From my personal experience I can confirm the great advantages of SpinaliS over other chairs. SpinaliS chairs work. For 30 years I have been suffering from pain in my lower back, and over the past 12 years I have had three strong attacks of lumbo ishialgia. I have dealt with it by physical therapy and regular exercise. After my last attack, six months ago, I decided to have an operation on my intervertebral discs.

I have been using SpinaliS chair for 5 months now. Ever since, I do not get back pain, which I had previously after prolonged sitting. Therefore, I can recommend SpinaliS chair to anyone who suffers from pain in his lower back, and as prevention to anyone in business who is exposed to prolonged sitting.”

Prof. Stjepan Gamulin, PhD., Professor Emeritus (Prof of medicine), Zagreb, Croatia

“Our society is becoming sedentary children sit in school and at home.  They sit while doing their homework, sit at computers for hours or while watching TV. The same applies to adults and the elderly. Thus we have given up on actively shaping our bodies.

If we want to feel comfortable while sitting, we need to strengthen the muscles that support the spine. As both natural curves of the spine need to be supported, it is important to sit properly, and this means to sit actively. With long-term forced sitting primary school pupils, in particular, sit improperly. Over years this may lead to an improper sitting posture. This is the risk of becoming one of the many patients with spinal problems. For many years, sitting on large rubber balls has been recommended. Sitting on the ball activates the body to seek and maintain balance. This strengthens the previously described muscles.

Continuous movement which is required while sitting on SpinaliS strengthens the back muscles, while the vertebrae and inter-vertebral discs are evenly burdened. With active sitting we can prevent spinal injury. I recommend the SpinaliS chair to all who sit for a long time, especially if you sit in improper and awkward positions.”

Janez Tasič, PhD-MD, Senior Doctor, Spec. Internist – Cardiologist, Slovenia

“SpinaliS is designed to correct improper posture. It is perfect for people who work sitting all day. It provides support to the spine and improves posture, which is necessary for people who suffer from lower back pain. Try this chair, your back will thank you.”

Donald J. Hopkins, Chiropractor, Kranj, Slovenia

“I use SpinaliS in my work in the eye clinic and for eye surgeries. At work I do a lot of movements that especially strain the lumbar part of the spine.

The great flexibility of SpinaliS allows me to have the chair seat follow the movements of the spine. The SpinaliS chair relieves the burden on the back and distributes it evenly. Using SpinaliS, in my experience, has indirectly strengthened my back muscles and allowed me to stretch while sitting for several hours. While performing surgery, the great flexibility of the chair enables continuous adaptation of the entire body, thus helping me access the operating field more easily.

The chair is also used by our assistants who are very positive regarding its use too. One is constantly encouraged to be active using the entire spine and back muscles while sitting. Despite sitting, we strengthen our back muscles while the spine is constantly in motion, exercising indirectly.”

Dušan Pušnik, MD, Ophthalmologist, Slovenia