Interior Designer Mariasole Cobianchi and Spinalis Apollo

We have interviewed Mariasole in her Muswell Hill Studio with her Apollo chair

Mariasole Cobianchi is an established Italian Interior Designer living in London. Born in South America from Italian parents, her upbringing saw her frequently travelling across three continents. She moved to Australia at an early age where she completed Higher School education, followed by a sentimental comeback to Italy to graduate with a BA in Graphics & Advertising at the IED Institute of European Design in Milan, settling and working for almost 20 years in the Milanese hub. Once new opportunities opened up, in 2005 off she went to London where she completed a Post Graduate Diploma in Interior Design at KLC School of Design not to mention numerous specialist courses in Life Drawing, Lino-cutting, Etching, Screen Printing, Textile and Pattern Design at The University of the Arts, Camden Arts Centre and the East London Printmakers.

If one looks at Mariasole’s unusual upbringing and the nomadic nature of her parents, both mother and father each in their own way have inspired an ability to breathe hues, textures and colours from an early age. Over time and as life is the greatest of all teachers, she softly grounded her Italian roots in UK soil after a journey leading her through three continents. So long searching for a path that would take her all the way to North Europe, she now feels at home at last, or at least she seems to believe so.

" has helped with my back pain tremendously. I would not give it up, ever!"

We met Maria Sole in her beautiful home in Muswell Hill from where she works, a short stroll from Hampstead Heath Park, not far from Camden Town and North London glorious old Pubs and charming private gardens. It only seems natural to be doing what she does helping people to create an harmonious working and living environment that can also bring about other changes for the better as a chain of actions. However sensitive to the constant evolution of ideas and also to feed a growing need for an expanded vision, she is now looking to the East by taking a new journey into Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese art and science that is based on a system of laws laid to govern spatial order and orientation in relation to the flow of Qi to create balance and harmony with oneself and the environment.

To our joyful surprise we found her sitting on one of our Spinalis chairs, she says she would never work on anything else. We have interviewed her in her sunny office space.

Q: You mentioned having suffered from back pain. How did it all start? Since starting my business, I’ve had to work for extensive hours sometimes until late at night having to meet deadlines. I would spend hours drawing often assuming wrong postures like curling up in the chair just to find some sort of relief or simply sitting on the wrong chair where I’d find myself locked in my hips.

Q: How long have you suffered back pain? Oh my…forever! Altogether I’d say 10 years. Firstly I just assumed that having had five children just had made my back more vulnerable to aches and pains but then I am active, bare foot running and doing yoga to tone my back muscles and find peace of mind, so that really didn’t tick the box.

Q: So why did you change your chair then? My back pain just got worse after sitting long hours drawing to a point where I would have to stand almost every hour to find comfort in a Yoga asana by stretching my back muscles.

Q: Have you used different therapies to help with your back condition? Yes, of course. I’ve met chiropractors, physiotherapists, paid for expensive back tractions, deep tissue massages, swimming, Iyengar Yoga, all very interesting as being also expensive.

Q: Just shortly, how using the Spinalis Apollo chair with a flexible seat helps you work longer without back pain? Simple. It prevents me from slouching and brings awareness on my posture that is improved while sitting. Its like training my body and mind to retain that awareness on alignment, not only while sitting on the Spinalis chair but also when sitting elsewhere, in the Tube, on the bus. It’s become a habit, a discipline. I like that, it resonates with my Yoga!

Q: Do you like the design of Spinalis? It is visually attractive and fits well in my office/living room. I have design pieces by B&B Italia and I bought the Scrittarello desk by Achille Castiglioni as my office table to which I would never match just any chair! Least of all, a Pilates ball! It is just not something I would like to have or see… The Apollo chair just fits better into my office environment; it’s a proper work chair with a well-shaped back support and it has helped with my back pain tremendously. I would not give it up, ever!