Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try before I buy?

We offer a one week trial of Spinalis chairs in your facilities. After discussing your particular needs with a view of helping you choose the best model of Spinalis chair, a trial chair can be arranged to be delivered to your office or other place of your choice. As for the cost of the trial we will only charge you £27.00 for the delivery and collection, which will cover a share of the amount we have to pay for the service provided by Parcleforce. Please fill in the contact form and our representative will contact you to arrange a trial.

Why are SpinaliS chairs so special?

Because SpinaliS chairs follow movements of the body, they keep the spine in balance. This is provided by the flexible seat which allows movements in all directions. According to body movement the seat moves in the direction of the pelvis and spine in this way maintaining the spine in the correct position all the time.

Sitting on a SpinaliS chairs seems pretty unstable.

At first this may seem true, but after a few days of active sitting a SpinaliS chair becomes very comfortable. Adapting to a SpinaliS chair feels strange at the beginning because we are used to conventional chairs with a fixed seat. You sit with relaxed back muscles leading to a back injury. Sitting on a SpinaliS chair can be compared to sitting on a therapeutic ball, where you maintain balance at all times. Although it is difficult to realize it at the beginning, you will get used to active sitting very quickly.

If the muscles are constantly active, are you more tired at the end of the day than in a usual chair?

At first glance it seems so and for the first few days this is true. It is similar to running a distance while out of shape. How would you feel the next day? Sitting on a SpinaliS chair requires some effort the first few days because the body needs time to get used to active sitting. When the muscles are strengthened, sitting on a SpinaliS chair becomes a real pleasure. Strong core stability muscles play the key role in supporting the spine allowing you to sit for long periods of time without back pain.

Has it been medically confirmed that this chair "works"?

Many clinical tests with therapeutic balls have shown that active sitting is the only beneficial way of sitting. Active sitting is the basic idea of SpinaliS chairs. Simultaneous movements of the pelvis and spine activate the muscles, thereby preventing improper movement – the most common cause of injuries and back pain. Positive opinions of many physicians support the efficacy of SpinaliS chairs. This is also supported by many statements of satisfied users.

How long will I need to get used to this chair?

It depends on the current physical condition of your back support muscles. On average, the first phase is a few hours, while the second phase can last from several days to two weeks until the muscles strengthen and assume the role of carrying the weight. After two or three days you may experience slight pain or sore muscles (muscles inflammation), which usually takes a day or two. This is a normal reaction to activity and is actually a good sign, because it means that the muscles that were previously inactive have begun to take on the role of carrying the spine. After this phase, sitting on a SpinaliS chair becomes very pleasant.

Is this chair suitable for sitting all day?

Not only it is convenient, but it is even highly recommended. SpinaliS chairs are intended for those who sit more than two hours a day, preventing injuries and illnesses arising from prolonged sitting on conventional chairs with a fixed seat. It is particularly recommended for children and adolescents who are sitting more and more while learning or in front of the computer, whose back muscles are not strong enough to support the spine due to lack of movement and rapid growth. Actually, a radio host Marko Potrc sat on a SpinaliS chair while setting a world record by hosting a radio programme for 122 hours, which is recorded in the Guinness Book of Records.

Who manufactures SpinaliS chairs?

SpinaliS chairs are the result of domestic, Slovenian development. It is an original innovative patent of Tomaz Ham, owner of HAM LLC. The overall production, with the exception of two items, takes place in Slovenia under the control of HAM LLC in cooperation with sub-contractors.

Do you recommend the chair to persons with a damaged spine?

We recommend that users with an impaired spine (especially serious injuries, after surgery or with a complex diagnosis) first consult their orthopaedist and seek advice, if it is suitable for them to use therapeutic ball or a SpinaliS chair.

How should the SpinaliS be maintained? What about service?

SpinaliS chairs do not need special maintenance, however, they can be wiped with a damp cloth and a mild detergent occasionally or when needed. For models dressed in Alcantara® please click here. All the vital parts and complete structure of the chair are made of high-quality steel, which greatly reduces the possibility of damage and ensures exceptionally long life – 7 years at least. Potential problems shall be fixed within a week or two. Any part of any Spinalis chair model can be individually supplied and replaced in the future.

What guarantee do SpinaliS chairs have?

SpinaliS offers a three-year warranty. The warranty does not cover damage to the fabric by a sharp object. Otherwise, the normal life of the SpinaliS chair is seven years and more.

Why are SpinaliS chairs more expensive than other chairs?

SpinaliS chairs are impossible to compare to other chairs that do not allow for active sitting. Good health cannot be bought, but you can invest in a SpinaliS chair and begin to live without back pain. SpinaliS chairs are tested and the opinions of thousands of users attest to its value and price. When we compare to the value of our health, such an investment is worthwhile. If you calculate how much money we set aside for physiotherapists, visiting doctors or even self-paid medical treatments, not to mention absenteeism and related loss of earnings.